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Anterior Total Hip Replacement Specialist

Valdosta Orthopedic Associates

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Anterior hip replacement is an innovative minimally invasive alternative to traditional hip joint replacement surgery. At Valdosta Orthopedic Associates in Valdosta, Georgia, the only fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons in the community offer anterior total hip replacement using advanced muscle-sparing techniques. With this approach, you spend less time in the hospital, get back on your feet faster, and experience less pain overall. Learn more about anterior total hip replacement by calling the office or booking online today.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement Q & A

What is an anterior total hip replacement?

Anterior total hip replacement surgery is a different approach to hip joint replacement. The traditional hip replacement method involves a relatively large incision on the side or back of your hip. Your surgeon must cut key muscles to fully access the hip joint in a traditional hip replacement surgery. 

Anterior total hip replacement surgery avoids this muscle trauma by accessing your hip through a small front incision.

Is anterior total hip replacement better than traditional hip replacement?

Anterior total hip replacement offers many impressive benefits when compared to traditional hip replacement, including:

  • Smaller incision size
  • No muscle damage
  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced risk of hip dislocation post-surgery
  • Faster recovery
  • Less scarring
  • Earlier post-surgery mobility
  • Fewer activity restrictions after surgery

Overall, there's no doubt that anterior total hip replacement is far easier and less invasive than traditional surgery, but it's not necessarily right for everyone. Your Valdosta Orthopedic Associates physician can explain your treatment options in detail.

How does anterior total hip replacement work?

You'll receive regional or general anesthesia for this procedure. Your Valdosta Orthopedic Associates surgeon uses a particular type of operating table that allows them to position your body for anterior hip joint access.

Your surgeon makes a small incision in your hip area and then moves your muscles aside to reach your hip joint. Next, your surgeon removes damaged or diseased cartilage and bone from the ball-and-socket joint. 

Your surgeon places plastic and metal components to restore the joint using live X-ray guidance to ensure optimal joint placement. Then, they reposition your muscles and close the incision.

What is recovery from anterior total hip replacement like?

Valdosta Orthopedic Associates uses a rapid recovery protocol. In most cases, you can be up and walking with your physical therapist within just a few hours of your surgery. 

Thanks to the anterior approach and physical therapy, you can quickly get back to your normal activities, stronger than before.  

With an anterior total hip replacement, you'll be able to walk without pain, cross your legs, and take part in the activities you're currently missing. Book an appointment by calling Valdosta Orthopedic Associates or scheduling online today.