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Arthroscopic Surgery Specialist

Valdosta Orthopedic Associates

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At least 1.77 million Americans have arthroscopic surgery every year. This minimally invasive surgery can be an ideal solution for knee pain or other pain that doesn’t respond to conservative treatments. At Valdosta Orthopedic Associates in Valdosta, Georgia, the team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons expertly perform arthroscopic surgery in their on-site surgery center. Book your appointment through online scheduling or call the office to learn more.

Arthroscopic Surgery Q & A

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where your surgeon inserts an arthroscope — a pencil-slim tool with a camera lens and light — through a button-sized incision above your joint. Your surgeon views your magnified joint on a high-definition bedside monitor and then creates additional small incisions to access the parts of your joint requiring treatment. 

Your Valdosta Orthopedic Associates surgeon performs necessary corrections with slim surgical tools and then closes the incisions with stitches or steri-strips. After surgery, you’ll usually wear a soft elastic bandage to protect the incisions as they heal.

When would I need arthroscopic surgery?

Your surgeon can perform arthroscopic corrections such as:

  • Removing loose bone or cartilage
  • Removing the swollen joint lining
  • Repairing torn tissue, like a torn knee meniscus
  • Reconstructing a torn ligament
  • Direct treatment of a joint infection

Arthroscopic surgery can be an effective way to address the underlying cause of knee, shoulder, ankle, or other types of chronic pain without undergoing major surgery. 

In some cases, an arthroscopic surgery procedure could help you avoid more serious surgeries like a joint replacement.

What are the advantages of arthroscopic surgery?

With its small incisions and surgical tools, arthroscopic surgery causes less trauma to joints and surrounding tissues. This translates into less pain, reduced stiffness, and faster recovery. 

You'll typically return home only an hour or two after arthroscopic surgery at the Valdosta Orthopedic Associates surgery center.  

How long does recovery take after arthroscopic surgery?

Recovery following arthroscopic surgery depends on the type of treatment. In general, most people can get back to full regular activity in about 6-8 weeks or less, with ligament reconstruction taking longer. You can generally drive about 1-3 weeks after your arthroscopic surgery.

After your arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy is the best way to recover quickly. The therapeutic exercises you do in physical therapy help you reclaim peak joint movement and muscle strength.

It’s important to protect your joint after arthroscopic surgery. Your surgeon might recommend swapping potentially harmful high-impact exercises for equally effective lower-impact ones.

If you’re interested in a minimally invasive surgery for chronic pain, arthroscopic surgery could be the answer. Call the Valdosta Orthopedic Associates office or book a visit online today.