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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition that affects the tendons in your fingers or thumb. It is painful because it causes the fingers or thumb to catch or lock in a bent position. What usually causes Trigger finger is highly repetitive or forceful use of the finger and thumb.


Bracing & Splinting

Splinting the affected finger for six weeks helps rest the joint.


Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medicines or acetaminophen could be takes to relieve pain.

Steroid Injections

Your doctor may chose to inject a corticosteroid; however this only provides temporary relief. Usually two injections are needed to improve the problem.

Surgical Treatment

The procedure is usually performed as an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia to numb the hand. During the surgery a small incision is made in the palm and the tendon sheath tunnel is cut. When it heals back together, the sheath is looser and the tendon has more room to move through it.


Preventative Measures

Limit Movement

Limit activities that aggravate trigger finger.


Performing gentle finger exercises helps maintain mobility in the fingers.

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