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Spine Harmony



What is Spine Harmony?

Much like a musical symphony, the treatment of spinal conditions requires a team approach to include our counselors, therapists, doctors, and surgeons. 

Using our broad and comprehensive spine team, we can offer our patients the highest quality and least invasive approach to the treatment of their painful conditions. One of the minimally invasive and cutting-edge techniques that we offer at VOA Spine is the new ultra-sonic bone scalpel which allows our practitioners to relieve pain and pressure in the spine without more invasive and motion-limiting techniques such as spinal fusion. Spine Harmony at VOA Spine, Harnessing the healing power of sound!


Traditional Spine Surgery vs. Spine Harmony

Traditional Spine Surgery

Generally, involves larger open incisions with more tissue destruction and blood loss. Requires the use of rods, screws, and grafts to fuse vertebra and limit painful motion.

Spine Harmony

Spine Harmony as a concept involves using minimally invasive, less destructive and motion preserving techniques incorporating the latest technologies such as the ultra-sonic scalpel. This concept allows shorter healing times and quicker return to normal and pain-free active lifestyle.


Surgical Treatment Packets


The Benefits of
Spine Surgery Using Spine Harmony

  •  Less Blood Loss
  •  Smaller Incision
  •  Quicker Recovery
  •  No Hospital Stay
  •  Less Tissue Disruption
  •  Fewer Complications
  •  Better Long-Term Quality of Life

The Techniques We Use

Through a small incision and using magnification, the spinal canal is decompressed with the ultrasonic scalpel. With less risk, far less blood loss and minimal tissue disruption, we are able to relieve the “pinched” nerves while preserving the normal architecture and stability while avoiding fusion.

The Tools We Use

While traditional spine surgery relies on chisels, saws and drills, Spine Harmony techniques use cutting edge ultra-sonic tools to harness the healing power of sound, actually vibrating away painful bone spurs while leaving healthy tissue intact.
The frequency of vibration is distinct to the bony fragments and spurs and therefore will not disrupt healthy tissue like muscle and nerve tissue.

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