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At VOA Spine we provide a full spectrum of spine care in a team environment while employing cutting edge technology and a compassionate and home town family environment.




My son broke his arm on the playground. He was pretty upset but the staff at VOA made him comfortable and he calmed right down.



I love that I didn’t have to go to the ER. I came in with a messed up ankle and was seen right away. All the Xrays and MRI’s were right there I didn’t have to go to another office!



VOA is awesome! I came in with a knee injury and Doctor Sanderlin helped me avoid surgery.


Dr. John Kendrick


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christina brown

4 months ago

      Even if your deductible from insurance is paid, if you require surgery, they want the money up front. I waited months to get my deductible down, then found that out. You are treated as just another patient, not a person. The surgeon is unfriendly, does not care if your in pain, wants to prescribe the most expensive brace, for you to wear for a month even if he knows you need surgery, just to make sure they Tried everything first. No pain medicine at all before surgery no matter how long it takes to get it done. There is no kind of doctor/patient relationship. The secretaries are there just to work. Nothing else.Make you feel like you are a problem they have to deal with. Thank goodness Dr.Bailey in the pain clinic is not that way. At least he and his staff are considerate and listen, and have your best interest in mind. I changed my ortho doc to a doc in Lake City. An hour's drive but worth it considering the difference in treatment.


Sun Shine

5 months ago

      I wish I had another Dr. 6 years ago when I was at sgmc. Because of His Uneducated Opinion of my conditions at that point and time It caused me 6 years of complete and total agony and mind-numbing pain which left my ankle to become contorted to an angle I couldn't walk on correctly for 4 years. After Years of suffering I found A Real Medical Doctor with Real Time Knowledge and Experience in my Conditions who did the Surgery in which was Medically Necessary, 6 very long years ago.. Dr's have the Right to Not accept patient's if they don't want to but to Blatantly see them in your office and give no Hope for a solution and say to bad ,so sad, go home because it one day may get better is A Shame! I went out of my way to provide Reports from other offices and You said to me I can't understand how to read these reports and dismissed them as if they were trash. I am sad I Ever lived in this town, where the care of Wanna be Play dr's is sooooo AWFUL


John Thompson

6 months ago

      My first visit to VOA, and have to say overall it was very pleasant. I saw Dr. Oscar Aguero, and found him to be very good, and had a great bedside manner.


Sabrina Simmons

6 months ago

      Really friendly people


Emilie Reynolds

7 months ago

     Tried to be seen here for my shoulder during a visit for my wrist even though I had a referral for both. Was told they only address one issue per visit. I was in so much pain that I was crying so Dr. Clark's NP looked at me and said yes I was "lop-sided" but that it was my neck period. Didn't even look at my shoulder. But gave me a toradol and steroid shot... Literally not even a touch of the shoulder. In the next weeks, I had a work up for my neck including MRI, and nothing. Go figure. It's my shoulder as I said at my initial visit. After the neck work up, tried going back for an actual shoulder evaluation and had someone at the desk confused about my referrals etc so I called Hughston clinic. Was seen the next day. Did a shoulder X-ray and what do ya know, I have a shoulder injury. I will never return to VOA. Months of pain for no reason. Dr. Collins at Hughston clinic is fantastic.


Evelyn Hopkins

7 months ago

      Dr. Stiefel replaced both my shoulder joints and I have never be happier. I went thru 2 years of hell with pain before I finally found Dr. Stiefel. He and his staff made my visits and my eventual surgeries very comfortable and professional. I have recommended this orthopaedic center numerous times because of my satisfaction with this group of doctors.


Kayla Young

8 months ago

     I can’t say enough about Dr. Stiefel! I am only 29 and I have had to have very extensive surgeries on both knees for multiple dislocations. He took the time to explain to me every single detail about my injury and every option I had. It’s hard to find a doctor who actually takes time and listens. Dr. Stiefel addressed every concern and put my mind at ease. My surgeries went great and I haven’t had any issues with my knees since. He solved my issue of knee dislocations that I had for 10 years. After my surgeries I received the best care with physical therapy at VOA. They were so encouraging and took such great care of me to make sure I recovered well. Thank you again VOA for such great care.


Marie Cook

9 months ago

      I had broken my thumb and in the healing process it had locked up. So then there it is a “trigger” thumb. So ended up having surgery by Dr. Steifel. And you can barely tell where the surgery was. He is the BEST!!! I really recommend this place for all your bone issues and ask for Dr. Steifel.



9 months ago



JoAnn Mata

a year ago

      my app was 3/2/2020 @ 1:30 me being a new patient I got there early every b4 I could get my paper work filled out I was walking out the door the ladies @ the front desk was so sweet the lady the done my x-rays was awesome & DR AGUERO is so awesome he’s the best he took the time 2 explain everything in simple form HAHA gr8 group of doctors


TT nNaples

a year ago

     The one star is only because there is not a NEGATIVE star option. Thanks Dr Hendrick for FORGETTING to set my broken wrist as we had discussed, me asking first for you to do that and you agreeing, and then NOT DOING IT. He admitted a simple, clean break. Open reduction was your idea. Meaning SURGERY. Closed was mine. HE SENT ME HOME IN ACE BANDAGES.. Therefore, my wrist has healed painfully crooked. All surgeons want to do is CUT. We discussed, and you insinuated doing a closed fracture reduction. Local anesthesia. We talked about it. I joked I'd try not scream too loud. You said it would take local anesthesia. You were too insulted I'd not agree to open surgery done by YOU. Since I live in Valdosta alone, I'd have had to return to Louisville to friends to babysit me for weeks, and also have it done by the local, best in the world hand surgeons there. After your ego related neglect, I may be forced to have the Louisville Ky specialists do a much more complex correction when weather warms up. Again....what happened to the closed fracture reduction??????? SHAME ON YOU!!!


GraveyardShiftGaming Inc

a year ago

      This place is absolutely terrible! Although I have switched doctors, I still get called from this place about why I have not come back to see them! Valdosta orthopedic, this is exactly why I do not come see you! This is exactly why I switched to a different doctor! You people are terrible at your job, as are your doctor's! My doctor would continually ask me about things that he should have remembered. I'm not talkin about standard questions in order to check up on you, I'm talkin about questions about my health that he should have specifically remembered, but could not. You are just a statistic to them, you are just a piece of paper and a dollar sign. I was hesitant to put this review up at first, until I received the 4th phone call from them. This is absolutely how they have made me feel, I do not recommend this place at all! Go to the hughston clinic! Dr. Goss, do the world a favor and retire! You are terrible!


Shaquitha Whitfield

a year ago

     I went to VOA for a torn meniscus in my left knee. When I tell you the 2 young black receptionists ( 1 with the freckles and the other with the long hair) are so unprofessional. My thing is if you don't want to do your job find you somewhere else to work, and they are rude to the older people who can't afford to pay. They laugh and gossip about them when they walk away.


Jeremy Griffith

a year ago

     Suffering with neck, back and shoulder pain for 2 weeks. Out of work for all last week. Spent small fortune with three different doctors medications, muscle relaxers ext. just to get seen by Valdosta orthopedic associates. Show up for 8 am appointment with x rays in hand hoping to find actual cause of pain. Was told that I had to pay 200 upfront before I could be seen. I tried to explain the situation and the fact that I literally have 50 in the bank to take care of kids and wife till payday. Explained in excruciating pain and would pay if they could just bill it to me. No matter how I asked or plead. I was told they did not care for patients with out up front collection of copay. I asked so I’m expected to just deal with it till I have 200 dollars. They said yes we can reschedule when you have the money. These aren’t physicians, their no more then over priced car salesmen it’s not about what good they could do for their fellow man or how they could work with their patience it’s about how much they can put in their pockets. Don’t get me wrong they are entitled to what the can earn ethically for their skill. But refusing to bill a willing patient and refusing to help fix an injured person when they are the only ones with the means to do so , is far from ethical. It appears the Hippocratic Oath means very little with this group.


Judy Martin

a year ago

     Some of the most kindest staff ever met.Dr goss is one of the best.iam very satisfied with how he cares about his patients.outstanding


Jerry Conner

a year ago

      I need to share some of my experiences at VOA. Over the years I've been a little to ruff on my body and with that being said, the staff and doctors of VOA have been more than great. I've had a couple of compression fractures of my spine, I've had shoulder surgery, I have a new hip, and recently had a spinal stimulator implanted. Over the past 18 years or so, VOA took care of all these problems, along with all my other little mishaps in life. Drs. Aguero, Gee, Kindrick, Sanderlin, Lane and Bailey have all had an opportunity to meet and work on me. They've all treated me with respect and most of all, they've listened. I've been under pain management care for almost 15 years and recently changed pain management doctors to Dr. Bailey. I credit Drs. Lane and Bailey with saving my life. I had just about given up because of chronic pain that had been misdiagnosed for 15 years. Unlike many other doctors, they listened. I now have an optimistic outlook on life again, thanks to them. The story is complex and deep, and they were around doctors number 40 and 41 that I've seen for my problem. I could go on and on, but I won't. I just want to say "thanks" to them and the staff at VOA.


Patricia Keller

a year ago

     Dr.Stiefel did my dad's surgery on both knees. He was super about making sure that everything went well and he wasn't in any pain. My dad hasnt been able to stand straight up for years .now after 6 weeks of recovery he not only stands straight up he's almost an inch taller


Cadlynne Dovel

2 years ago

     Today, I saw Dr.Sanderlin and I am still shocked at the level of professionalism and timely manner that everything was completed in. I was in and out of their office within one hour for a new patient assessment. I was coming to him for a second opinion, and will definitely be returning for any orthopedic needs as well as my husband. He ordered testing immediately and got to work on the route of my issues. I would recommend him to anybody !


Kelly Reed

2 years ago

     Dr. Bailey is super attentive and caring. He is truly concerned with helping me. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. I wish I had found them sooner!!!!

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